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Boeing, Boelube, Solid Machining Lubricant, Non Toxic


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 A Boeing developed product.

Boelube Pastes provide excellent lubricity and are extremely cost effective in single point work such as Tapping, Drilling and Reaming. A small amount of Paste applied to the tool is all that is required to obtain a high quality finish and extended tool life with little or no clean-up required. Brush it on or dip tool in paste. Boelube pastes are also ideal for Forming and Bending as well as in Drop Hammer, Verson Press and Spin Forming applications. Boelube Pastes provide closer tolerance parts and extended diaphragm and die life.

Boelube® Solids will accommodate ease of application and they provide a cost effective means of producing a high quality finish in a multitude of applications such as: Drilling - Tapping - Reaming - Abrasive Belts - Files - Deburring Tools - Grinding Wheels - Chisels - Band, Circular and Hand Saw Blades.  1223

Boelube® Solids improve tool life by reducing heat build-up.

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