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APR, Student Pilot Flight Computer w/ NP-8 Plotter, p/n E6-B8DP


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APR’s Student Pilot Wind Triangle & T/S/D Navigation Computer features the patent pending exclusive Wind Speed Cusor Arm that quickly tells you groundspeed, wind correction angle, and magnetic heading. The new APR Windspeed Cursor eliminates two set-ups and the need to mark dots on the plastic disc. This revolutionary windspeed cursor computer is available only from APR. There is no similar computer on the market.
Bonus NP-8 Training Plotter
The NP-8 Bonus Training Plotter illustrates how to measure courses on latitude and longitude lines. Four protractor scales and graphic instructions allow you to read courses on the east/west and north/south quadrants and eight scales help to measure statute and nautical distances. The plotter has 1/10” and ¼” rulers and formula to determine true course to magnetic course and magnetic course to true course. 
Dimensions: 4.5" x 8.75" Made of PVC Plastic. 

  Made in the USA

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