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ASA, Transition to Twins  Handbook, p/n ASA-TWINS

ASA, Transition to Twins Handbook, p/n ASA-TWINS


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This is one of the most concise and well-illustrated books on flying twin-engine airplanes, covering all facets of multi-engine flight, including:

  • Orientation to multi-engine terms, definitions, and systems
  • Pre-flight, ground operations, takeoffs, high speed flight, slow flight, stalling and landings
  • Single-engine operations, with a comprehensive discussion and practical suggestions on factors affecting control-ability, VMC, & performance
  • Abnormal operations, including fires, engine and system failures, spins, landing gear lock-ups, icing, & bird strikes
  • Flight planning, including weight & balance, and performance calculations
  • Night & IFR operations

Commercial operations, introducing the factors involved with passengers, crew, cargo, schedules, duty times, and the airmanship required.  220 pages, by David Robson and ASA.

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