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ASA, iPad Kneeboard, Fits iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, & iPad Air P/N ASA-KB-IPAD-2


  • 2999 USD

 Designed ASA for pilots by pilots, this high-quality iPad Air kneeboard from ASA is covered with soft, leather-like material and features a wide hook and loop leg strap to hold the kneeboard in place during flight.  A holding clip on front provides a place to secure a note pad, or other paper documents you might need to reference.

Versatile, durable and functional cover for your iPad for both inside the cockpit and out.

The elastic strap secures the case to the pilot’s leg for in-flight use. The unique plastic cover keeps the iPad screen safe while maintaining full viewing and complete touch-screen functionality, and opens easily to insert or remove your device. The easel folds to position the iPad at a convenient “wedged” viewing angle; alternatively, it can lay flat. The pocket on the back offers room for papers and maps. Openings are provided for charger and headphone/earbuds.

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