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Clarity Aloft, Link Headset w/ Bluetooth, Carrying Case & Tips

Clarity Aloft

  • 85000 USD

Like the Classic but with added features, the Link is the perfect headset for any aviation environment. Now you can have a lightweight headset that sounds great with your Bluetooth enabled devices.  Tailored Digital Signal Processing gives it the clearest sound available today.

 Connect your phone or tablet to enjoy music or movies and  seamlessly transition from music to calls. 

Sound Clarity:  Digital signal processing, specifically tailored to the Clarity Aloft speakers and microphone, enhances call and audio quality with the paired devices.
Comfort:  The Link shares the lightweight feeling of freedom as our other headsets. The Bluetooth unit can be optionally removed when not needed for a more streamlined cord.
Hearing Protection:  The noise reduction of the canal tips keeps your hearing safe from the harmful auditory environment of any aircraft. All Clarity Aloft Aviation Headsets have the same impressive performance attenuation data.
Bluetooth:  Wireless pair two Bluetooth-equipped devices simultaneously and enjoy calls and music.  The intuitive controls allow easy use of smart phones and tablet devices.

-Light, low profile headband

-Full spectrum noise reduction

-Professional grade microphone with added Digital Signal Processing

-2 Bluetooth devices can be linked simultaneously

-Bring your most used tool into the cockpit, your phone can be as indispensable in the air as it is on the ground

-Enjoy music and movies on your iPod or iPad – clear and powerful sound will have you experiencing them like you never could in an airplane before

-Connect to more than one device - you don't have to choose between your phone and your other devices, giving you the best functionality

-Seamlessly transition from music to a call – the optional autofade will bring down the volume when calls from the radio or phone come in

-Independently adjust the volume, dual controls allow you to set your cockpit radio volume and the volume from your phone and devices separately at exactly your preferred level

-Connect with just the sound of your voice.  Use your smartphone’s voice-activated dialing feature to let loved ones know when you’ll be landing.  823

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