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Clarity Aloft, Pro Headset (TSO certified) w/ Carrying Case & Tips

Clarity Aloft

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Some U.S. air carriers require that pilots exclusively use TSO certified headsets and the Pro Headset from Clarity Aloft is a leader in this category.  Its lightweight comfort and excellence in communication clarity make it a valuable tool for the professional pilot.
Aloft Technologies set out to change the flying experience by changing the thing closest to the pilot, the headset.
Careful thought goes into how each element of the headset works and how they come together as a cohesive whole that will perform well for any pilot, regardless of what or how they fly. Our informing principles are effortless performance, distinctive elegance, and thoughtful simplicity.
Product Description
The Pro is designed for the discerning professional pilot who needs the ultimate in performance in a TSO certified headset.  Robust wiring, exceptionally stable boom, and Clarity Aloft's legendary comfort combine to make this the best option for the career pilot.  The fact that the hearing protection is so good that it can go seamlessly from an airliner to an aerobatic plane just adds to the appeal of the Pro Headset from Clarity Aloft. 

Features:                                                                                                                    Full spectrum noise reduction in a passive attenuation system                              Clarity of sound that is unsurpassed                                                                        Built tough, from commercial pilot use to professional flight instructors                  Professional grade microphone, all high quality components tested to military specs
Lightweight, about 1.5 ounce, cool and comfortable                                                 
Hygienic replaceable foam tips, compliant to each individual ear                             
Self molding Comply Canal™ Tips perform better than custom ear molded inserts 
Comfortable for all day use                                                                                       
No batteries required                                        

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