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Faro Aviation, Air, Lightweight Premium Headset w/ GA Connectors,


  • 37999 USD

The AIR, from Faro Aviation, weight less than 1 oz. Imagine going from your typical aviation headset that weights over 16 oz. to 1 oz. You will feel connected to your surrounding and your neck muscles will appreciate it as well.

How does the noise reduction work?

As part of AIR's development, FARO® developed a slow-recovery composite foam to provide a comfortable, effective seal while exerting low pressure in the ear canal. They are slightly longer than a typical ear plug to fit deeper in to the ear canal. They are offered in 3 sizes and replacements can be purchased from the accessories section.

Are any ear tips included?

Yes, your FARO® AIR comes with 3 pairs of standard and 3 pairs of large ear tips. Additional ear tips can be purchased.

What is the warranty?

Faro provides 3-year full coverage warranty on all aviation headsets. Please see the warranty page for additional information.

Check out these FARO AIR Features 

  • - Lightweight, only 1 oz.
  •  - Not limited to jets. Use in any GA aircraft or helicopter.
  •  -Three-Year Warranty
  •  - Provides up to 50db of Noise Reduction
  • - Music Input
  • - Dual Volume Control 

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